What cars do you make products for?






R33 Skyline




R32 Skyline




S14 Silvia


Q1 2024

Nissan S13 Silvia 1989-1993 H1 2024
Subaru GC8 Impreza 1993-2001 Q1 2024

What Engine Management Systems do you support?

 Manufacturer Controller Availability
Haltech Elite/Nexus Now
Haltech Platinum Now
Link G4/G4+/G4x Now
Emtron KV Series Now
MoTeC 100 Series Beta
AEM Infinity Now
AEM CAN Expander Now
ECUMaster Black Series Coming Soon

When will you support my car?

You can reach out to us on Instagram -- our guiding principle is that we want to make vehicle-specific solutions that integrate with original interior plastics to give an OEM+ experience. There are a ton of really great universal display solutions on the market and our goal is to offer the perfect solution for a limited number of vehicles rather than a good solution for every car. Generally the kind of car we want to make products for is a classic with a community passionate about keeping them on the road and looking period-correct inside.

Why are the plastics 3D printed?

Our goal is to be able to say yes to as many platforms as possible and to be able to iterate quickly. Injection molding is a fantastic production technology in volume, but the startup tooling costs and design iteration time mean you need to order thousands of units to make it commercially viable. 3D printing is a great way for us to take on projects at a small scale at an affordable price point for customers.

Why are displays the size/technology they are?

We're always looking to improve the hardware platform -- the displays we use today are the best off-the-shelf option we've been able to source based on the following requirements :

  • Appropriate size
  • Reusability between products
  • Effective viewing angle
  • Brightness
  • Resistance to burn-in
  • Cost

Will you do a custom application for my project?

We don't have the bandwidth to do one-off work. We'd love to, we probably think your car is awesome and you're welcome to ask, but please understand if we can't.